Why learn to unicycle in Singapore?


Learn Unicycle SingaporeIn Singapore and around, unicycling is definitely a skillset that is unique, niche, and challenging.


One Wheeled Fun

Kids and grown-ups alike are drawn to a unicyclist’s ‘unbelievable’ balance on a one wheeled ‘bicycle’, ride around your favourite park connectors/neighbourhood/anywhere and you’ll find out soon enough, trust me!

With a good network of park connectors (PCN) around Singapore, rugged bike trails (Chestnut, Bukit Timah and Pulau Ubin are some of our favourites!), void decks, and open spaces (think HDB badminton courts, multi-purpose halls, etc), unicycling is a great activity to adopt as part of an active, and healthy lifestyle.

Learn Unicycle SingaporeBesides, unicycling is a great core (abs, lats, glutes and trapezius!) and leg workout!

Unicycle Lesson SingaporeUnicycling is definitely an alternative, non-mainstream, special, unique, interesting, engaging, different form of activity for kids and adults to partake in Singapore! The list goes on…


Personal Challenge

Unicycling is a personal challenge. Typically, it takes around 1 to 30 hours to learn to unicycle. That said, it is largely dependent on a learner’s attitude, aptitude, and fitness.


Physical challengeFusing movement, coordination, dexterity, grace, balance and fitness in controlling and manoeuvring your unicycle.


Intellectual challengeBreaking down tricks/moves into smaller key pieces, and teaching your body how to do it.


Psychological challengeCalming your nerves, and mustering the courage to commit to certain moves/tricks. For learners, even getting your hands off the wall/railing requires full out commitment!


Learn Unicycle SingaporeMost people will achieve basic unicycling abilities within a short time span.

When one wheel is better than two!


General Timeline for Unicycling Learners

1 hour: Able to mount and sit on the unicycle assisted, and move assisted.


2 – 5 hours: Mount on the unicycle assisted. Able to ride a few revolutions unassisted.


10 hours and beyond: Able to ride more revolutions in a straight line, and perform controlled turns. Attempt to free mount, perform basic tricks, and many many more.


Learn Unicycle SingaporeUnicycling looks difficult on the surface, but once your body learns it, its as simple as riding a bicycle!


Unicycling Lessons for Kids Singapore
Kids definitely love to unicycle too!

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