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Stepping into the world of unicycling can be very intimidating for beginners.


Trust us, we’ve been through that stage!

Looks hard, but its not!


Unicycling may seem impossible to the uninitiated, but once you’ve gotten hold of the basics, you’ll realise its as simple as riding a bicycle.

Unicycling is fun!


Unicycling is fun filled for all ages, from kids to adults!

Adventure that will last a lifetime


Conventional wisdom makes us relate unicycling to circus act, but this one-wheeled mechanical wonder‘s versatility goes beyond that.


It is a skillset, and an adventure that will last a lifetime.


Unicycling in Singapore

Size of Unicycles

Size of Unicycles



Wheel sizes for unicycles start from 12 inches to 36 inches.

In general, the bigger the size of the wheel, the bigger the circumference. And bigger circumference equates to longer distance covered in one revolution, but decrease manoeuvrability.

Typically, sizes suitable for kids (4 – 7 years old) are 12/16 inches. 20 inches and above are suitable for adults.

For beginners, start off with either a 20 or 24 inch, and once you’re competent, you’ll find the best sized unicycle for your riding style.

Unicycling Styles



Liken to that of dancing on a unicycle; a culmination of rhythm, high skill level and movement.


Street / Trials
The BMX of unicycling; jumps, grinds, spins, you name it.


Muni (Mountain Unicycling)
Riding off road, deep into forest trails. Pot holes, rocks, drops, bulging tree roots, slopes are things you want to overcome.


Unicycle Hockey
Literally hockey on unicycle, with modified rules of course!


Riding at void decks, along park connectors, or where ever (just stay away from the roads!) you feel like.

Unicycling Styles

Learn to unicycle in Singapore

if you’re up for a challenge, come learn with us!

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Private Unicycling Lessons for Kids

Learn more...

Private Lessons for Adults (Beginner)


Group size: 1 to 3 person*

We welcome individuals, couples, kids*, families, friends and colleagues to learn and embark on this unicycling adventure together!

Duration: 50 mins per session

*Fret not if you don’t have your own unicycle, we will provide one for your use during the session!

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