Unicycling Lessons for Kids


Unicycling Lessons for Kids Singapore

Kids can unicycle too!

Looking for a fun, engaging and unique activity for your kids to do in Singapore? 

Be it during school term or June/December school holidays, unicycling is a fun and challenging activity for kids. Learning to unicycle develops kids’ physical skills and builds their character at the same time.

Unicycling Lessons for Kids Singapore

Because attempting to ride a unicycle is an unnatural, difficult, and complex skill, it reveals quite a bit about the process of learning, more generally. If we can distill what is required to ride a unicycle into broader steps, we can apply them to a range of valuable skills that are also difficult to learn. – TEACH Magazine, Unicycles – A Lesson for learning Complex Skills

Kids Unicycle Lesson Singapore

Unicycling Lessons for Kids Singapore

Unicycling Lessons for Kids Singapore

Unicycling Lessons for Kids Singapore

The benefits of learning to unicycle are immeasurable…

Besides keeping kids physically active and fit, unicycling is a great experiential learning tool. Unicycling allows kids to gain a real sense of achievement by mastering what looks and feels very difficult in the beginning. It teaches kids to be resilient, determined, and committed, among others.

Physical Benefits

  • Balance and agility
  • Core strength
  • Overall fitness
  • Gross motor coordination

Character Building

  • Emotional Wellness
  • Enterprising curiosity
  • Self Confidence
  • Problem Solving
  • Goal Setting
  • Tenacity in pursuit
  • Risk Taking


Unicycling Lessons for Kids Singapore

Do you know?

The International Unicycling Federation (IUF) was founded in Japan in 1982.

In Japan, almost every kid learns to ride. Unicycling is integrated into their school programmes, as part of their kids’ physical and mental development. Think of it as a ‘brain gym’!


Unicycling Lessons for Kids Singapore

Private Unicycle Lessons for Kids

In our beginner lessons, student(s) will learn (not in any particular order, and not limited to):-

  1. Safety
  2. Mounting methods
  3. First steps
  4. Balancing basics
  5. Mechanics of direction change
  6. Stationary skills
  7. Backward unicycling
  8. Tackling different terrains


Unicycling Lessons for Kids Singapore


Group size: 1 to 3 students (6 years old and above, form your own group)


Duration: 50 mins per session


Fees:  $90 per student per session


What to bring/wear:

– Relaxed and comfortable exercise clothing
(padded cycling tights highly recommended)

– Flat sole covered shoes

– Full set of protective gear (helmet, knee/elbow/shine/wrist guards)

– Water


Included: Unicycle(s) rental during session



For kids unicycling private lessons, drop us a note using the form below, and we’ll fill you up with more details!