Unicycling Lesson for Adults


Unicycling Lesson Singapore

Life changing experience

If you’re up for a challenge, and want to learn something unique and different, why not learn unicycling? Unicycling has no age limit, both kids and adults can enjoy this fun and engaging activity. Its a great aerobic workout, and you are never too young, or too old to start!

We welcome individuals, couples, kids, families, friends and colleagues to learn and embark on this unicycling adventure together!

Do you know?

Besides fitness, research has shown that unicycling enhances learning as it improves one’s concentration ability, balance and motor coordination.

You can read more about the ‘whys’ behind unicycling in Singapore here.


Learn Unicycle Singapore

Private Unicycle Lessons for Adults

(If you’re looking for kids’ unicycling lessons, click here)

In our beginner lessons, student(s) will learn (not in any particular order, and not limited to):-

  1. Safety
  2. Mounting methods
  3. First steps
  4. Balancing basics
  5. Mechanics of direction change
  6. Stationary skills
  7. Backward unicycling
  8. Tackling different terrains


Unicycling Lessons Singapore


Group size: 1 to 3 students
(individuals, couples, kids*, families, friends and colleagues, anyone!)


Duration: 50 mins per student per session


Fees: $90 per session


What to bring/wear:

– Relaxed and comfortable exercise clothing
(padded cycling tights highly recommended)

– Covered shoes

– Full set of protective gear (helmet, knee/elbow/shin/wrist guards)

– Water


Included: Unicycle(s) rental during session


For private unicycling lessons, drop us a note using the form below, and we’ll fill you up with more details!